Let me out of the cage
Twenty years in here and nothing’s seemed to change
Why be placed waiting to be saved?
Who’d bathe me in disgrace as they send me on my way?

That doesn’t seem too heavenly to me
If life is a blessing then it can’t be the real thing
A safe room, neutral ground, a waiting place
Where there is right to go wrong
Unity to disintegrate

If truth’s a tube of translucent light
Carved and molded to infinite space and size
No chance for growth or going outside of it’s walls
At all
You’ll learn to the do the best with what you got
Drive all the flow to the center and don’t ever stop

I bet you’ll never get in deep enough

I’m losing faith in the war for trust
Believers in love paying no mind at all to lust
Willing to fight each other off for peace
Shatter their own reflections in hopes it kills the beast

Can’t fight the feeling my body’s a shell
And when I think about it not one part of me is my “self”
Take the the whole bunch, add it all up, still not enough
I need to find myself, deep inside myself

You are the basis for space and time
Make the choice, destroy all evidence and signs of it
And with closed eyes, walk straight lines, soon you’ll find
That you’re lost, but
Nothing before has ever more been okay
When there’s nothing to tell, there’s nothing left to say

Enjoy the world, not the way it’s explained

But as for me, I know he is


from Things Fall Apart, released January 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Martial New York

written, recorded, performed by Nicholas Starrantino


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