The Key of G

from by Martial



Every tune I write
I feel the pen speaking right to you
As if all that once seeping through logic
Cutting right to your soul

Each a new room
Where I can sit and examine you
You’re everything that makes up you
What more could I want

Even more so what else would I need?

You’re the gap I try so hard to fill
When I feel the need to create
As if somehow limiting chords and thoughts will
Together come to emulate
This broadened wide beyond scope view
Of us. Oh, how great

So what’s there to wait for?

Cause in my mind
We’ve been dancing and sharing laughs this whole time
So please, take yours cause I’m just fine
Watching you play out in the field
Run your circles, I’ll be waiting here on the sides

When that moment comes you’ll run to me
When you get a glimpse of what I’m looking at
We can use each other’s company
I’d enjoy you next to me in the grass
As much as we’ll enjoy everything
We’ll embrace how nothing lasts

Just can’t find the words that come close to contain
The way I think and feel about you
But it is a ton so I’ll rearrange
Old words we’ve heard over used
Cause I’ve just never had feelings for anyone
Anything like I do for you

Darling please tell me the truth
How do you make your laugh so damn cute?
It’s killing me just to be around you and not be yours
So the most I can do is hope you find what you’re waiting for


from Things Fall Apart, released January 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Martial New York

written, recorded, performed by Nicholas Starrantino


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